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Enfield No 4

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These sites have lengthy Lee Enfield parts lists, often including whole wood sets and barrels, as well as parts other than No1Mk3 and No4, so it’s worth looking around each site.
Hoosier Gun Works; http://www.hoosiergunworks.com/  …… Near full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4, No1 Mk3 Click Here, No4 Mk1 Click Here. Not able to export, good people, USA.
Numrich Gun Parts Corp;  http://www.e-gunparts.com/ ……. Wood plus full inventories for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4, No5 and No 8, Enfield mini index Click Here. Will export up to $100 per order, will split parcels to assist, USA.
Poppert’s Gun Parts;   http://www.poppertsgunparts.com/ …….. Wood, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4, Enfield Search, Not able to export. USA.
Springfield Sporters;  http://www.ssporters.com/ ……. Wood, barrels, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4. No1 Mk3 Click Here, No4 Mk1/No5 Click HereNot able to export, USA.
Sarco Inc,   http://www.sarcoinc.com/ Also; Sarco Online Order Site,   http://e-sarcoinc.com/ …….. Wood, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4. No1 Mk3 Click HereNo4 Mk1 Click Here. Will Export, USA.
Southwest Shooter Supplies;  http://stores.ebay.com/Gunparts-Plus. ……..Ebay outlet for bricks and mortar business, near full inventory for Lee Enfields, EBay page site does Not export, USA.
Valmont Firearms;  http://www.valmontfirearms.co.uk/Lee Enfield.htm. ……. Enfield rifles and near full inventory of new parts for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4, UK.

Lee Enfield parts, rifles and accessories

Note; USA companies are affected by US federal anti terrorism legislation that makes the licensing of parts for export a lengthy and expensive process, as a result many businesses are unable to export at all. This is not a capricious policy by store owners, who are losing valuable and valued customers. For more a detailed explanation courtesy of Brownells; Click Here.
Accumounts; http://www.accumounts.com/ …… Steel, no gunsmith scope mount for Lee Enfield rifles, wide range, including No4 T pads and P14 WW1 sniper mounts. USA
Aim Surplus; http://aimsurplus.com/ …….. C&R including Lee Enfield rifles and parts.USA
Apex Gun Parts; https://www.apexgunparts.com/index.php/cPath/30 …….. Lee Enfield parts list, including original No4 T cheek rests (june/2011). Does not export. US
Battledress and Bayonet; http://www.battledressandbayonet.com/ ……. Repro Enfield No1 Mk3 grenade launcher and Sten bayonets. Wide range for collectors and re-enactors. UK.
BDL Ltd; http://www.bdlltd.com/ ……. Parts, great range of Enfield rifles, world reknown for customer service, Enfield sniper rifles, Enfields on request, and overhauling no32 scopes. Most Enfield parts by query, Contact; Brian Dick, Will Export, USA.
Buy Milsurp; http://www.buymilsurp.com/zencart/ …….. Wood, Barrels. Lee Enfield rifles, parts. USA
Century Arms; http://www.centuryarms.com/Century/home.htm (Dealers and C&R holders only); ……. Sometimes Lee Enfield rifles, parts/wood sets. USA
Collectible Firearms; http://www.collectiblefirearms.com/RiflesLeeEnfield.html …… Lee Enfield rifles for sale. US
Collector’s Source; http://www.collectorssource.com/ ……. Military collectibles for sale incl. Lee Enfield rifles and militaria.
Combat Hunting; http://www.combathunting.com/ …… Rifle store with Lee Enfield rifles section. US
The Dealer Showroom; http://www.thedealershowroom.com/page/page/1222170.htm ……. California, C & R parts including Enfield parts. USA
EFD; http://www.efdrifles.com/ ……. New made reproduction parts for early, hard to find Enfield rifles. Lee Enfield rifles for sale also. UK.
Evan’s Obsolete Screws; http://customscrewsandmore.com/ …… Lee Enfield rifle screws etc USA
Empire Arms; http://www.empirearms.com/ ……. C&R rifles including Lee Enfields and parts. USA
Florida Gun Works; http://www.floridagunworks.com/ ……. Lee Enfield rifles, No5 Jungle Carbines 4 sale. USA
Gibbs Rifle Co; http://www.gibbsrifle.com/index.html …… Re made classic C&R rifles, including Lee Enfield rifles. USA
Hunter’s Lodge; http://www.hunterslodge.com/index.htm ……. Lee Enfield parts, incl new no4 wood sets and barrels.
Huber Concepts; http://www.huberconcepts.com/ …… Low friction triggers for Lee Enfield rifles and other C&R rifles. USA
International Military Antiques, http://www.ima-usa.com/ ……. Large parts and militaria list for British, and other countries. Repro T scope mount. USA
InterOrdanceIO Inc; http://www.ioinc.us/our-products …….. A well known business with a low profile that quietly imports interesting C&R rifles, including Lee Enfields. US
Joe Salter.com; http://www.joesalter.com/ ……. Excellent classic and rare Lee Enfield rifles for sale. US
KebCo LLC; http://www.kebcollc.com …….. C&R including Enfield parts. USA
Lawrence Ordnance; http://www.lawranceordnance.com/ ……. Sydney based, AIA enfield dealer, plus C&R militaria, Enfield parts and Lee Enfield rifles. Aust.
Lee-Enfield Rifles; http://www.lee-enfieldrifles.com/ …….. Home of CanWest, high quality competition and hunting trigger units for Lee Enfield rifles. Canada.
Manion’s International Auction House; http://www.manions.com/ …… Parts and memorabilia auction house, including Lee Enfield. UK.
Martini-Henry; http://martinihenry.com/ …….. Excellent large site with Lee Enfield rifles and parts for sale. USA
MarStar Canada; http://www.marstar.ca/index.shtm …….. Possible Enfield stuff, Lee Enfield rifles, also dealer for AIA Enfields, Canada.
Mojo Sighting Systems; http://www.mojosights.com/index.html …….. After market peep sights for Lee Enfield No1 Mk3. USA
My Old Rifles; http://www.myoldrifles.com/ …….. C&R Rifles; always a good range of Lee Enfield rifles.USA
Navy Arms; http://www.navyarms.com/index.html ……. Re made classic rifles including Lee Enfield rifles. USA
Northridge International; http://www.northridgeinc.com/ …….. C&R rifles and Parts, including Lee Enfield rifles and parts. Los Angeles. USA
Old Western Scrounger; http://www.ows-ammo.com/store/…….. Lee Enfield rifle parts plus a neat jungle carbine flash hider modified to reduce muzzle flip. US
Poppert’s Gun Parts; http://www.poppertsgunparts.com/ ……. Lee Enfield rifle parts list. US
SamCo Global; https://www.samcoglobal.com/site-map.htm …….. Ammo and C&R rifles for sale incl. Lee Enfield rifles. US
Simpsons Ltd; http://www.simpsonltd.com ……… Collector firearms, a good range of used Lee Enfield rifles.USA
SOG-Southern Ohio Guns; http://www.southernohiogun.com/ 308 …….. Lee Enfield 2a Ishapore rifles, plus other C&R.USA
Wolverine Supplies; http://www.wolverinesupplies.com/ ……. Dealer for AIA ‘Lee Enfields’, Canada


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