Customized Lee Enfields

Classicly styled NZ 303 smle hunting rifle

Lee Enfield rifles keep appearing from man cave skunk works around the world and these project X’s are a great source of ideas for the rest of us.


1944 Lithgow No1 Mk3 Hornet, with silencer, K-Hornet ammo.

Jungle carbine 1944, Sile stock

Ishapore 2a 1966 sniperish

Lee Enfield No 4 with one piece stock, No4 bolt

Ishy L 39 project


Projext faux ht and No4 Mk1 T

Projext details unknown

Ishapores 1966, ‘before and after’

1966 Ishapore 2a .308

Lee Enfield No1 1907 target H barrel, AGP Plus 5

Winchester scope?, Parker Hale scope mount

Evil Ishy 1
Evil Ishy 2


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