New Made Lee Enfield Reproduction Parts

New made reproduction parts are gradually coming on the market, while not original they are a means to overcoming the unobtanium nature of some items that have gone or are going extinct. These companies or individuals have new made reproduction parts for sale. Most have makers stamps that approximate the original makers marks but which are clearly identifiable as not being original items, eg the RFI makers stamp on the Atlanta Cutlery jungle carbine bayonet are in a font many times larger than the original stamps. This helps prevent them being passed of as high priced authentic items.

* * * *

Atlanta Cutlery Corp; …….. Bayonets, No 5 jungle carbine, quillion 1907, non quillion 1907, 1903, USA.


EFD; …… Many high quality reproduction rare parts. Wood for No1 Enfield 1905, fore ends with volley cut out No1 Mk3, Hand guards, No1 Enfield sliding bolt head, rear sight and front bands for No1MkV-1922.  UK.
Numrich Gun Parts Corp; ……..No1 Enfield front volley sight assembly, No 32 scope, will export to $100, sometimes they have reproduction wood sets for No1, No4 and No5′s. USA.




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